Through purposeful brands, we want to support our consumers to be healthy, live well and feel empowered to improve their health. Through our brands, we want to highlight values and issues that matter to our consumers as well as to society as a whole. An important area is helping to reduce the stigma around ‘health-minus’ categories, where stigma or embarrassment are barriers to getting help and treatment, and educating consumers in prevention and self-care.

Our long-term commitments are to:

  • advance health and wellbeing through purposeful brands
  • empower consumers in prevention and self-care
  • drive sustainable and trusted product innovation
  • give back to our community.

We have set several targets to help us achieve our long term commitments. Some of our key targets are to:

  • increase our share of products that advance health and wellbeing by having documented problem-solving benefits, by preventing downstream treatment needs or by supporting wider societal change
  • provide consumers with educational information and increase educational interactions with customers and healthcare professionals
  • drive sustainable product innovation by increasing share of revenue from more sustainable products

A full list of targets can be found in our sustainability report .

Key achievements 2022 include:

  • Through our brands and products we continued to improve consumers’ everyday health, in 2022 we sold 84 million units.
  • We supported consumers by providing easy access to educational information. In 2022, our top 12 markets had 800,000 site visits.
  • Working to reduce the stigma around ‘health-minus’ categories, for example raising awareness about intimate health through the Multi-Gyn talk series in Germany.
  • We joined Platinea, a multi-sector collaboration to work against anti-microbial resistance.
  • We continued to support Operation Smile, making donations equivalent to 625 cleft lip and/or palate surgeries.
  • We also donated 89,000 hand hygiene products and 1.6 million doses of pain killers to Ukraine.

Read more about our work in the 2022 Sustainability report.

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