We want to contribute to a fair, equal and inclusive society as a responsible employer and throughout our value chain.

This includes making sure our own workforce feels empowered and engaged; that everyone feels that they can be themselves at work and that we give equal opportunities to all. The same ethical standards apply to our suppliers and business partners.

Our long-term commitments are to:

  • have an empowered and engaged workforce
  • support a diverse and inclusive business and society
  • secure fair jobs throughout our value chain
  • ensure responsible and ethical business practices

We have set several targets to help us achieve our long term commitments. Some of our key targets are to:

  • an employee Net Promoter Score of 30 or higher
  • create a diverse team that reflects the communities we operate in
  • ensure all management levels are gender balanced
  • make sure all our direct suppliers have signed the Supplier Code of Conduct
  • train all employees in ethics and corruption

Key achievements:

  • Our workforce of ~410 colleagues includes employees of 32 countries of origin across 12 countries. 
  • Women represent 46% of senior managers, 33% of the Corporate Management Team, and 50% of our Board of Directors. 
  • The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) was 40 in 2023, with a participation rate of 82%. (30+ is considered “great” on Bain & Co scale.) 
  • Karo teams demonstrated strong collaboration in 2023, with a Net Collaboration Score of +16 (scale of -100 to +100, read more in the sustainability report). 

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