Most of us define our health as above average.
Yet, 97% live with everyday health issues such as e.g. stress, sleep issues and digestive problems*.

Imagine how great life would be if we didn’t have to live with such issues.

So let’s decide not to.

Karo Healthcare delivers smart choices that give people control over their everyday healthcare.

*IPSOS “Self Care: Be Your Best” Report, 2019

“The itching has been going for so long, I was starting to accept that this was just my skin.”

– Male, Norway

Probiotics: The natural way to boost your wellbeing

“I noticed my hemorrhoids as an early teen, but didn’t do anything about it for years.”

– Male, UK

“The cortisone cream was a game changer for me. I felt the difference immediately.”

– Male, Norway

1 out of 5 adults live with toenail fungus

– Global Nail Fungus Organization 2019

“We’ve made it our purpose to develop reliable ways for people to treat their everyday ailments, to help them live healthier lives. We call it smart choices for everyday healthcare.”

Christoffer Lorenzen, CEO, Karo Healthcare

At Karo, we’re expressing our deepest concern and empathy for the Ukrainian people and condemning this act of violence from the Russian leadership. Learn about our aid initiatives to support the people of Ukraine here.

We support Operation Smile

Every three minutes, a child with cleft lip or palate is born. These children often live a tough life, having to endure harassment and isolation.

Operation Smile perform about 15,000 surgeries a year – improving the lives of just as many children all over the world. For us this is a smart choice for everyday healthcare and why Karo Healthcare has supported Operation Smile since 2018.

You can read more about the medical missions in Malawi, Mozambique and Ghana, which our backing made possible, in our Annual Report.

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Karo Healthcare offers a portfolio of healthcare brands and services that help to prevent illness and treat everyday health problems.


Karo Healthcare delivers smart choices for everyday healthcare. This purpose defines our choices when it comes to the way we grow.