Providing smart choices for
everyday healthcare

We are a healthcare company guided by a shared purpose of helping people stay in good health. Good health means more than just avoiding severe illness or hospitalisation. It also means the health- related problems people face in their daily lives are addressed, treated and prevented.

We own and commercialise a range of documented and trusted brands within key categories
of everyday healthcare. Within each category, we guide people to relevant choices and help them select the product that will prevent or manage the issue they are experiencing.

We want to give people control over their daily healthcare. By empowering them to make
smarter choices, we believe that we can increase their quality of life and help them live their
life to the full.

Contributing to a healthier society

Karo Healthcare wants to contribute to creating healthy and sustainable societies for the future. To make this happen, we have defined a set of key commitments:


We want to help raise the general standard of health and well-being in society by offering excellent healthcare products and services. We work to increase awareness and education around everyday healthcare – and combat social stigma – to make sure everyday health issues are addressed and treated.


We make a continuous effort to optimise our value chains. This includes working closely with our suppliers and customers to reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of our business activities.


We want to be a trusted partner for all our stakeholders – customers, suppliers, service providers, authorities, etc. To all of them, we act as effective problem solvers with a win-win mindset and a high level of integrity.

Customers and Healthcare professionals

We engage with customers and healthcare professionals in each of our markets to make sure we provide the educational materials and activities that meet consumer needs. The insights we gather inspire product development as well as new services and support for end users.


We want to raise awareness about treatment options across all of our everyday healthcare categories. That’s how we contribute to improving quality of life and break down the barriers that may be preventing people from treating their everyday health issues. By engaging with consumers, we also learn more about their needs – insights which we use to improve our commercial offerings and give them an even better user experience.


We want to attract people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We work to create a dynamic workplace where collective intelligence, diverse backgrounds and extensive experience come together to support Karo Healthcare’s purpose. We are a flat and non-bureaucratic organisation that empower people to make their own decisions.


We want to provide best-in-class risk-adjusted economic returns to our owners, and deliver on the promises we make to the market. We will deliver on our shareholder commitment by executing our strategy and delivering on our purpose.

Our responsibility policies

Our key commitments are guided by clear policies related to the environment, social responsibility, and our business ethics. Our policies also ensure that all our processes meet Karo Healthcare’s requirements both in terms of legal requirements, quality assurance, and patient safety for our entire product portfolio.